Event Tagging is Dead

Convizit’s AI automatically captures, property-enriches and structures every user event, providing you with the power of complete behavioral data, effortlessly.

The Fastest, Smartest Way
to Capture Every User Action

Instant deployment, super-fast time to value

Convizit deploys within minutes and begins sending complete user behavior data flows to your systems within days – with no need for you to select, code, name or tag the events to track.

Activate new tools instantly

Easily deploy any product analytics, CDP, marketing or BI platform, by instantly providing them with a continuous supply of complete and enriched behavioral data.

Complete behavioral datasets, effortlessly

Convizit delivers a continuous stream of event data – including every on-page click and pageview – already named, structured and enriched with relevant properties.

Trustworthy data with zero maintenance

Convizit’s AI automatically adapts to website modifications, ensuring tracking continuity over time with no data loss – no matter how often the website changes.

Get Complete, Ready-for-Action Behavioral Data