Convizit is applying advanced technologies to help companies unlock the goldmine hiding in their user behavior data.

About the Company

Event tagging is dead! Convizit’s unique technologies automatically capture, name and context-enrich every user interaction, providing you with the full power of behavioral data, effortlessly. Instantly enhance your analytics, personalization, CDP and other data-driven platforms with complete, reliable and ready-for-action user behavior data.

The company is growing rapidly and generating excitement at both large corporations and investors around the world. In 2019, Convizit beat many other young tech companies to win the TRIFECTA AI startup competition, and in 2020 the company raised $5 million in a seed round, led by Pitango Venture Capital.


Daniel Bashari

CEO & Co-founder

Daniel Plotkin

CTO & Co-founder

Omer Kochba


Steven Glanz

Steven Glanz


Joel Rose

Joel Rose

VP Marketing