Convizit is applying advanced technologies to help companies unlock the goldmine hiding in their user behavior data.

About the Company

Convizit’s unique technologies automatically capture, tag and analyze a never-before-available wealth of user activity data, empowering marketers, product managers and site owners to glean new and valuable business insights from user behavior patterns.

The company is growing rapidly and generating excitement at both large corporations and investors around the world. Case in point: Convizit recently beat out many other AI startups to win a $1 million investment prize in Pitango Venture Capital’s startup competition!


Convizit’s founders have spent the past decade working together on the design, development, execution and marketing of big data and AI technologies and business ventures. The partners founded Convizit in order to productize the unique technologies and approaches that they have perfected while working with large firms across a variety of industries.

Daniel Bashari

CEO & Co-founder

Daniel Plotkin

CTO & Co-founder


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