Convizit Closes a $5 Million Seed Round

Daniel Bashari
Founder and CEO
18 March 2020
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Despite the global COVID-19 crisis that is currently impacting all of us — may everyone affected by the coronavirus be well and may this crisis pass quickly so that life can get back to normal — we are super-excited to announce that Convizit has recently received a $5 million seed round investment, led by Pitango Venture Capital, with the participation of our earlier investor, Jumpspeed Ventures.

Following is the press release we have issued with this great news…

AI Product Analytics Startup Convizit Closes a $5 Million Seed Round Led by Pitango Venture Capital

Convizit’s AI technologies are disrupting the $7B product analytics field,
by providing unparalleled visibility into user journey patterns.

Convizit, a startup applying unique AI technologies to disrupt the product analytics market, announced today the closing of a $5M seed round. The round was led by Pitango Venture Capital, with the participation of earlier investor, Jumpspeed Ventures. The funds will be used to double the size of the team, accelerate product research and development, and launch sales and marketing activities.

Convizit addresses one of the biggest challenges faced by online product and marketing teams: gaining complete and accurate visibility into user behavior patterns. This visibility is crucial for discovering ways to reduce friction, increase user engagement and maximize conversion rates. The importance of understanding user behavior patterns is evident in the size of this market: the product analytics market is projected to grow in size from $6.9 billion in 2019 to $13.9 billion by 2024 (source).

Existing product analytics solutions provide only a very partial understanding of funnels and user flows. This limitation stems from two facts: Firstly, they consider only a small fraction of all user behavior data, due to the impossible task of manually selecting, tagging and maintaining event tracking for every user action. Secondly, they require users to continuously make assumptions and test theories in order to discover why customers are behaving the way they are (e.g., what is the root cause of the 60% drop-off rate between users clicking add-to-cart and checking out for products in the swimwear department?). For these reasons, companies are flying nearly blind in their efforts to improve the business performance of their websites and apps.

Convizit provides unparalleled visibility into user journey patterns, with no need to first figure out what questions to ask or what directions to investigate. The company’s unique AI technologies ensure that every user action on every page is captured, named and enriched with an unprecedented degree of structured context detail, automatically. Having on-screen context details (e.g., “free one-day delivery” or “size M not available”) associated with each user action is critical for achieving a true understanding of user decisions and behaviors. With Convizit, product teams never need to pre-select, code, name or tag events to track, no matter how often a website changes.

The company’s first offering, already in use by a number of large e-retailers, is a DaaS solution that effortlessly delivers complete behavioral data. This pre-tagged, context-rich data is ready for immediate use by data-driven enterprises to significantly improve the value of their existing systems, such as analytics, BI, A/B testing, marketing automation and personalization. This unique data also enables data scientists to achieve a never-before-available depth of funnel analysis, friction point identification, correlation/anomaly detection, user journey visualization and insight generation.

“Convizit’s terrific team is truly revolutionizing how user behavior data is collected, structured and analyzed,” said Gad Huldai, Partner at Pitango’s Early Stage fund, who has joined Convizit’s board of directors. “We have been extremely impressed to see how quickly and effectively the team has progressed since we first met them at our TRIFECTA AI startup competition last year, in terms of both technology and business.”

“We are very pleased to have Pitango participating in our mission to disrupt one of the oldest and largest Internet arenas,” said Daniel Bashari, Convizit’s CEO and Co-founder. “Gad Huldai and the rest of Pitango’s excellent early-stage team have already proven to be extremely valuable partners, and we look forward to a long and rewarding relationship working with them and with our initial investor, Ben Wiener of Jumpspeed Ventures.”

About Convizit

Convizit’s AI technologies provide unparalleled visibility into user journey patterns, enabling companies to unlock the goldmine hiding in user behavior data. The company’s top-notch data scientists and developers, led by two alumni of an elite IDF data-intelligence unit, are pushing the envelope of big data analytics and AI to usher in the next generation of product analytics. Large e-retailers, with millions of monthly sessions, are already using the company’s initial offering to improve the user experience and business performance of their websites. With offices in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Convizit is backed by Pitango Venture Capital and Jumpspeed Ventures. Learn more at

About Pitango Venture Capital

Pitango has been home to visionary entrepreneurs and groundbreaking companies since 1993 and manages over $2B across its funds. From stealth mode to shining unicorns, Pitango invests via three parallel funds: Pitango Early Stage, Pitango Growth and Pitango HealthTech. Since its inception, Pitango has invested in more than 200 startups, many of which have become category leaders, went public and/or were acquired by strategic players. Learn more at

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