Convizit’s CEO Discusses UX Event Data on The Data-led Podcast

Joel Rose
VP Marketing
28 September 2022
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Convizit’s Founder and CEO, Daniel Bashari, was featured as a guest expert speaking about UX event data capture and uses on Inner Trends’ The Data-led Podcast.

Topics covered in this podcast include:

  • The purpose of UX data
  • The difference between core event data and UX event data
  • Why the old way of tracking UX data is failing
  • Why companies need to track complete UX data
  • A new, AI-based approach to tracking complete UX data, automatically
  • The benefits and uses of accurately tracking complete UX data

Hear the podcast (or read the summary) here.

Request a free trial (or demo) of Convizit’s AI-driven automatic UX event capture here.

The Data-Led Podcast with Daniel Bashari

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