Mixpanel or Amplitude? There is Only One Right Way to Choose.

Joel Rose
VP Marketing
18 August 2022
Mixpanel or Amplitude?

Mixpanel and Amplitude are Both Great Product Analytics Tools

If you’re reading these words, you probably already realize that both Mixpanel and Amplitude are powerful analytics tools that can help you deeply understand how people are using your website or application. With in-depth analysis of user behavior and the resulting insights, you will be well-equipped to improve your website, your products, your marketing and your business KPIs.

After deciding to implement a product analytics solution, many companies are faced with the Mixpanel vs. Amplitude decision. There are plenty of blog posts out there offering opinions on which of these mature and feature-rich platforms is better for which kind of scenarios, but let’s face it: without actually taking each of these products for a test drive on your own data, it will be very difficult to make an educated decision that is right for you, your products and your organization.

Why Not Test-Drive Both Mixpanel and Amplitude, and then Decide?

Especially given that both of these products offer a free version, it should be a no-brainer that it’s worth investing the time to experiment with both of them and then make a decision, right? (At the time of this writing, Amplitude’s free version lets you process up to 10M events per month in their core product, while Mixpanel’s free version lets you try the product for free with data from up to 100K monthly tracked users.)

The problem is this (and it’s a biggie): In order to start using these products for a serious evaluation, you need to get a good amount of your user behavior data into them. And, in order to do that, you need to invest a very substantial amount of time and effort planning and coding the events you want to track, along with the properties you want included in each event.

This kind of project involves deciding each and every event you want to track for this trial, giving it a name, and selecting and naming the properties each event will include. And then, you need to beg time and prioritization from your developers to learn each product’s separate SDK and then actually add code into the website or application to report each individual event and property to the analytics platform. This process typically takes weeks or even months.

And – you need to do all of this coding twice, using each tool’s SDK! Probably not gonna happen.

Get Your Own Event Data in Both Mixpanel and Amplitude, Effortlessly

Clearly, it would be ideal to evaluate both Mixpanel and Amplitude, already loaded with actual behavioral data from your website or application. 

This is exactly what Convizit does for you.

With no more than five minutes required to add Convizit’s snippet to your website, you will begin receiving complete event data from your website or web application into both Mixpanel and Amplitude: every user event, already named and enriched with relevant event properties.

You will be able to start evaluating both Mixpanel and Amplitude, with your own actual data, within a few days, with no additional effort or cost whatsoever. (It takes Convizit’s AI technology a few days to analyze actual visitor activity to understand your site/application, group and name functionally identical elements, determine and name the relevant event properties, and so forth.)

Furthermore, because the event data appearing in both Mixpanel and Amplitude will be identical, you will be able to perform a true, apples-to-apples comparison between the reports and analyses available in both tools.

This is really the only correct way to choose between these two marketing-leading analytics tools.

Convizit effortlessly makes all of your behavioral data available in both Mixpanel and Amplitude.

Very Fast Time to Value

And there’s another huge benefit to this approach: very fast time to value. Once you’ve decided which analytics tool to adopt for your organization, you can immediately create all of the dashboards, reports and analytics that you need, using the comprehensive behavioral data already flowing in.

Instead of spending weeks or months creating a tracking plan and coding numerous events, your onboarding is already done! Using Convizit, you can go from deployment to high value within hours.

Even More Benefits of this Approach

Convizit’s automatic and intelligent tracking continuity capabilities ensure that your event tracking remains robust, even when the website or application changes. Unlike other event tracking methods (including those from Mixpanel and Amplitude), Convizit’s technology does not rely on hard-coded event instrumentation or CSS selectors to identify or group on-page events. So, when developers change the HTML or CSS classes/IDs of on-page elements, tracking doesn’t falter, funnels don’t break, and reports remain intact.

Another huge benefit of choosing Convizit to collect and structure your behavioral data is avoiding the platform “lock in” inherent in using the tracking SDK of any one particular analytics tool. Let’s say you choose Mixpanel at first, but after a few months you realize that there are capabilities you need that are only available in Amplitude (or some other analytics tool). Or, maybe you realize that you could use your behavioral data to enhance your BI, marketing or advertising platforms. Because Convizit is designed to deliver your data anywhere you need it, you can try out new tools and switch over to them with no up-front event instrumentation efforts – all of your website or application event data is instantly available for delivery into any other tool, platform or data warehouse.

Try Convizit for Free

When you are ready to begin your Mixpanel vs. Amplitude evaluation, contact us to request a free trial of Convizit (or schedule a one-on-one demo first).

To get started, you will need to provide us with your Mixpanel Project token and API secret and Amplitude Project ID and API key and we’ll get you rolling with both tools within days, with zero effort, cost or commitment on your part!

Later, when you choose Mixpanel or Amplitude (whether remaining with the free version or purchasing a paid version), or any other tool, you will pay Convizit a small annual fee to continue receiving your detailed behavioral data into the tools of your choice, automatically and indefinitely. Get in touch with us today. Really, it’s a no-brainer. 🙂

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