Open Positions

As a Senior Data Scientist at Convizit, you will be part of a multidisciplinary team that is building the next generation of user behavior analytics software.
R&D Department
• Tel Aviv or Jerusalem
As a Senior Data Engineer, you’ll be part of an awesome multidisciplinary team of engineers and data scientists who are responsible for the most advanced visitor activity tracker in existence.
R&D Department
• Tel Aviv
As a JavaScript Expert at Convizit, you will collaborate with other experts to design, develop and deliver new features and product capabilities.
R&D Department
• Tel Aviv

Welcome to Convizit!

Did you know that humanity is currently creating as much data every two days as we did from the beginning of time until 2003?! And that less than 0.5% of all data we create is ever analyzed/used?!

Convizit’s advanced AI technologies are revolutionizing how user behavior data is collected, structured and analyzed. With some of the world’s top data science experts on our team, offices in both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, plenty of VC capital, and large corporations already using our beta version, we have already begun disrupting one of the oldest and largest arenas of Internet technology.

Want to take a crack at applying AI to the capture and structuring of user behavior data in realtime? Are you excited by the challenge of automating the analysis of the world’s first dataset of its kind to reveal mind-blowing behavioral patterns?

At Convizit, you will enjoy great professional growth and working with awesome people and truly cutting-edge technology. We promise! Join us on our incredible journey!


Some of Our Work Philosophies

Happy Customers > Perfect Code

We’re out to solve real problems for real people, not to write slick code or play with the hippest frameworks. We spend a lot of time thinking through how to build new features, but the goal is always for the implementation to be maintainable, not for it to be “pure.”

Productivity > 9 to 5

Developing a good product is about trusting your teammates. We don’t count hours, since we know our friends won’t fail us. We encourage flexible working hours to make sure that when you work, you’re producing your best.

Writing > Talking

Instead of sitting in meetings, we develop our ideas in writing, asynchronously. Written proposals encourage clearer thought and more thorough deliberation. Our plans are always documented and our culture is remote-friendly.

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