How can you be data-driven if you are missing 90% of your user behavior data?

There is a goldmine of business value hiding in behavioral data, but until now it has simply been too difficult to generate complete and reliable user event data flows that are tagged, structured, accurate and ready for use.

Convizit automatically captures and tags every user interaction, and delivers this behavioral data to your data warehouse, structured and ready for immediate use in BI, product analytics, CRM, marketing automation and other systems.

Data scientists, BI teams, product managers, marketers and IT staff no longer need to waste time deciding which website events to track, implementing tracking code for individual events, or tagging/grouping the captured events – no matter how frequently your website changes.

Implementing Convizit is Simple



Install the Convizit snippet in your website, and setup is complete!
No configuration or maintenance is required, ever, no matter how often your website changes.


Auto Capture and Tagging

Convizit automatically captures and tags every visitor interaction, and structures the data for easy analysis.

Receive the Data Stream

You receive an ongoing stream of complete, pre-tagged, ready-to-use visitor activity data, via calls to the Convizit API or continuous sync to your data warehouse or BI system.


Generate Insights

Your data scientists will leverage this unique event data stream to detect correlations, anomalies, friction points, funnel drop-off causes and more – across any number of content-specific dimensions!



You may customize the automatically generated event names, add/remove named tags and exclude specific events using the Convizit UI.

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