Effortlessly feed all your tools with complete, ready-for-use user experience data.

Say good-bye to investing time and effort in website event tracking! Convizit gives you unparalleled time-to-value by delivering a data stream of every visitor action in every webpage, already named, structured and enriched with structured event properties.

Save time, effort and money when deploying new product analytics, CDP or marketing platforms – and avoid the need for in-house or outsourced technical resources. Convizit captures, names and context-enriches every user interaction, and delivers this behavioral data to any data platform you wish, pre-structured and ready for immediate use. 

Furthermore, Convizit’s AI ensures the continuity of event tracking over time, by intelligently analyzing element and context similarity. When the website changes, Convizit’s tracking of particular events doesn’t become obsolete and funnels don’t break. 

Product managers, analytics teams and growth marketers no longer need to waste time deciding which website events to track, implementing tracking code for individual events, or data-wrangling the captured events – no matter how frequently a website changes.

Implementing Convizit is Simple


Deploy in 5 minutes

Install our lightweight code snippet in your website, and setup is complete! No configuration, tagging, coding or maintenance is required, ever, no matter how often your website changes.


Automatic Event Capture and Enrichment

Convizit automatically analyzes actual visitor traffic to capture every visitor interaction, add relevant properties, and structure the data for delivery to any destination platform.


Receive the Data Stream

Within days, you begin receiving an ongoing stream of complete, enriched, ready-to-use visitor activity data into your analytics, CDP, marketing or data warehouse platforms.



It is easy to optionally customize event names, exclude certain events, tailor the properties included with events, and add custom events or event properties.


Activate new tools instantly

You are no longer locked into a single tool, just because you used it to instrument your events. Enjoy complete stack flexibility and easily try out – and migrate to – other data-driven platforms.