Effortlessly feed all your tools with comprehensive website user behavior data

Say good-bye to investing time and effort in website event tracking! Convizit delivers a data stream of every user action in every webpage, automatically named and enriched with structured context details.

You need complete user behavior data to make major improvements to the business performance of your website, yet capturing even a small fraction of all user activity takes way too much effort today. To improve engagement and conversion rates, you need all available data – and now you can get it, effortlessly!

Convizit automatically captures, intelligently names, and context-enriches every user interaction, and delivers this behavioral data to any data platform you wish, pre-structured and ready for immediate use in BI, product analytics, CRM, personalization, marketing automation and other systems.

Product managers, marketers, BI teams, data scientists and IT staff no longer need to waste time deciding which website events to track, implementing tracking code for individual events, or data-wrangling the captured events – no matter how frequently your website changes.

Implementing Convizit is Simple



Install our lightweight code snippet in your website, and setup is complete! No configuration or maintenance is required, ever, no matter how often your website changes.


Auto Capture and Tagging

Convizit automatically captures, intelligently names and context-enriches every visitor interaction.


Receive the Data Stream

You receive an ongoing stream of complete, pre-tagged, ready-to-use visitor activity data, via calls to the Convizit API or continuous sync to your data warehouse or analytics/BI system.


Improve Business Performance

Your analytics and marketing teams will leverage this unique event data stream to dramatically improve insight discovery, funnel analysis, website personalization, marketing automation and more!



You may optionally customize the automatically generated event names, exclude/ignore certain UI elements, customize which context data is included with each event and more, using the Convizit UI.