Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about Convizit.

Simply add the Convizit JavaScript snippet to your website (see here for details) and, within days, Convizit will begin sending you complete, context-enriched and structured user activity data. Regardless of how often or how significantly your website changes, there is no further setup, configuration or other effort required.

No. Convizit’s client-side JavaScript code runs asynchronously, and impacts performance even less than the Google Analytics snippet that’s running on millions of websites. There is absolutely no impact on user experience or SEO rankings due to slower-loading pages.

Convizit provides you with a data stream of every action that every user performs on your website – including every click on every element within every webpage – along with fully named and already-structured context details for each individual click performed by each user. With absolutely no effort on your part. Learn more here.

Absolutely none! While data scientists typically spend a huge amount of their time preparing marketing data for analysis (including cleansing it, standardizing it, naming it and structuring it), Convizit’s data arrives already fully named, tagged and structured – and ready for immediate insight generation!

Convizit can continuously deliver a complete, ongoing data stream directly to your data warehouse or other data store, in near realtime. In addition to this data stream (or instead of it, if you prefer), you can query Convizit’s rich REST API at any time to retrieve the particular data you’re interested in analyzing.

Convizit supports direct, ongoing sync with a number of systems (see the list here; additional integrations can be provided upon request), as well as via a rich API (complete documentation of the Convizit API can be found here).

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