Coded Events

Coded events is a Convizit capability that allows you to add your own events to the user activity data that is automatically collected by Convizit. Each coded event has a name and, typically, one or more name:value property pairs.

Coded events are delivered together with all of the other user activity data that Convizit sends to your destination systems.

Note: If you would like to add coded properties to events that Convizit captures automatically (as opposed to entirely new coded events, as described on this page), see Coded Properties.

Sending Coded Events

To send a coded event to Convizit, insert the following JavaScript code at the appropriate location in your website:

					convizit.track("Some Event Name",
            "property name 1": "property value 1",
            "property name 2": "property value 2"

Usage Examples

  • Visitor searched for a product: convizit.track("Product Search", {"Term": "women pants"});
  • Visitor rated a product: convizit.track("Product Rated", {"SKU": 73517422, "Stars": 4"});
  • Visitor successfully applied a coupon code: convizit.track("Coupon Applied", {"Coupon Code": 3305, "Cart ID": 9265490});
  • Visitor successfully completed a purchase: convizit.track("Product Purchased", {"SKU": 73517422, "Price": 199.95, "Currency": "USD", "Ship By": "FedEx", "On Sale": false, "Coupon Code": null});

Usage Guidelines

Coded Event Name

  • Required
  • String, maximum 255 characters

Coded Event Properties

  • Optional
  • JSON object
  • Up to 50 name:value pairs may be included
  • Each property name must be a string, maximum 255 characters
  • Property values may be any of:
    • String, maximum 255 characters
    • Number
    • Boolean
    • Null
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