Automatic Website Event Data Capture into Amazon S3

Amazon S3

Convizit’s AI-driven “data-as-a-service” solution automatically captures user events in websites and SaaS applications, enriches the event data with relevant properties, and delivers this granular, named and ready-for-use behavioral data into an Amazon S3 bucket, with little or no effort on your part.

Convizit is the ideal solution for teams who want to fuel their data-driven initiatives with rich behavioral data in raw JSON or CSV files that can be loaded into analytics, BI, CDP and marketing platforms.

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Amazon S3

With Convizit’s unparalleled behavioral datasets available via Amazon S3, you will dramatically enhance your ability to deeply understand how people are using your website or application. With in-depth analysis of user behavior and the resulting insights, you will be well-equipped to improve your website, your products, your marketing and your business KPIs.

Manually instrumenting web events can be difficult, time-consuming, expensive and unreliable over time. Using the manual approach, event tracking tends to break. Additionally, most companies never come close to capturing every event and event property, potentially leaving out key data required for critical insight-generation, decision-making and marketing efforts.

Choosing Convizit’s AI-driven auto-track technology to automate your event data collection is a much smarter and faster approach.

To learn more about the benefits of using Convizit, see Why Convizit? or get in touch:

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