Data Privacy and Security

As a company focused on processing data on behalf of others, Convizit has made privacy-by-design and data security top priorities from day one. From end to end, Convizit handles customer data with the utmost dedication and integrity.

To ensure that no personally identifiable information (PII) or other regulated data is collected, Convizit combines automatic exclusion of certain types of website content with manual mechanisms that allows site owners to exclude portions of their website from being captured by Convizit.

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Automatic PII capture prevention

Captured texts are analyzed to detect patterns indicative of PII and they are excluded automatically. By default, Convizit does not capture the content of text boxes or address fields.

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Simple UI exclusion methods available

Convizit provides three different UI-based methods to prevent the capture of specific on-page elements or groups of elements.

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Manual exclusion method available

Site owners can add a simple ignore parameter to the HTML tag of any element, or group of nested elements. 

Convizit’s Privacy Notice reflects the company’s data collection and processing practices, onward transfer, data subject rights, data security measures and retention.

The company has implemented internal policies relating to various privacy and data protection matters, such as information security, data breach, access requests, business continuity, data retention, employee privacy awareness training and access control, and is making ongoing efforts to implement and maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures to keep personal data secure. The company has “records of processing” as required under GDPR.

For additional details, refer to Convizit Data Security and Privacy in Convizit’s Help Center.

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