Fast and Reliable
SaaS Behavioral Data

Convizit’s AI automatically captures user actions in your SaaS application and delivers the behavioral data – exactly as you want it – directly into your analytics tools, with no coding or maintenance efforts required.

Effortless event data capture for SaaS applications
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Manual Event Tagging is a Real Nightmare!

As you know, manually instrumenting (coding/tagging) user events in your application for use in product analytics platforms means:

Weeks or months of manual effort
Weeks or months of manual effort
Reliance on developers
Extra work for developers
Missing events and properties
Missing events and properties
Unreliable event tracking over time
Unreliable event
tracking over time
Platform lock-in
Platform lock-in
Never-ending maintenance
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Step Up to Automatic Event Capture

Convizit is a “data as a service” solution focused exclusively on the intelligent, automatic collection and preparation of user event data. Convizit sends ready-for-use behavioral data into any product analytics or BI tool that you are already using, want to evaluate or want to deploy.

It takes just five minutes to add the Convizit JavaScript tag to your application. Then, within days, you will begin receiving rich user event data to the platforms of your choice. There is no faster or easier way to realize the full potential of analytics and other data-driven platforms.

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The Advantages of AI-Driven Event Capture

With Convizit’s unparalleled behavioral datasets fueling your product analytics efforts, you will dramatically enhance your ability to improve your product, convert more trials into paying customers, increase retention and reduce churn.

Super-fast time-to-value


Start getting high value from your product analytics platform in days instead of weeks or months.

Autonomous data control without developers

data control

Control which events are delivered, their names and their properties, without relying on developers.

Reliable data, zero maintenance

Reliable data,
zero maintenance

Convizit’s automatic tracking continuity prevents lost data or broken funnels, no matter how often your product changes.

Historical event data backfill

Back-fill historical event data

Choose additional events to analyze at any time, and receive historical data into your platforms, back to day one.

Learn More

Learn more about Convizit’s Automatic Behavioral Data features, or read about getting all of your events delivered automatically into your platforms of choice:

Get AI-driven automatic event capture

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