Within days of installing the Convizit snippet, you will begin receiving a complete data stream from your website, with all events named and enriched with relevant properties.

Every User Action is Automatically Included

The pre-structured, context-enriched event data is automatically provided for every user action on a website – with no need for any manual event selection, tagging or coding!

User actions inside a page:

Clicked a button or other element (e.g., watch a video, download, subscribe to newsletter, proceed to next step of a multi-step process)

Opened a pop-up window (e.g., social share, view product details)

Form field activity (e.g., entered text, clicked checkbox/radio button)

Shopping cart activity (e.g., add item, remove item) without the need for integration with an e-shop platform or for websites not using a standard e-shop platform

Includes all user actions in single-page Web applications (i.e., when conventional pageview tracking is not available)

Scrolled down a page to a particular depth

Plus, conventional activity/visitor data:

Session start, end, duration

Visitor ID linked to actual customer ID for registered/signed-in visitors

Complete pageview data

Complete visitor data (e.g., referring page/campaign for current and all previous visits, number of visits, dates/times of previous visits, IP-based geographic location, device type, OS, browser, screen resolution)

You receive this uniquely valuable behavioral data stream directly into your existing systems.

Convizit streams all session, pageview and on-page event data to your analytics, marketing, or data warehouse platform – or anywhere else you need it.

Following is an example of how a click on the Add to Cart button would be reported in JSON format.