There is an untapped goldmine of opportunity hiding in complete website user behavior data.
Convizit delivers it to you on a silver platter.

Convizit automatically delivers complete, context-enriched
and structured user activity data, effortlessly.

Instant deployment,
zero maintenance

Once the Convizit snippet is in place on a website, there’s absolutely no configuration, pixels or manual event setup required, no matter how often the site changes.

Based on powerful
AI technology

Convizit autonomously understands the context of every user action, and generates a continuous data stream that is already named, tagged and structured.

Complete behavioral data, ready for action

Receive the ready-for-use data stream directly to your data warehouse or via API, dramatically enhancing your data science, BI and personalization initiatives.

What Exactly is “Complete, Context-Enriched
and Structured” User Activity Data?

You need complete user behavior data to make major improvements to the business performance of your website, yet capturing even a small fraction of all user activity takes way too much effort today. To improve engagement and conversion rates, you need all available data – and now you can get it, effortlessly!

Beyond pageviews, most website owners only capture very specific user events on their websites, essentially ignoring most on-page activity. Take the following example – this retailer was only capturing clicks on the two elements highlighted in blue, namely the ratings elements and the Add to Cart button (both of which happen to produce pop-ups, instead of redirecting to a new webpage).

In contrast, Convizit’s data stream automatically captures every click on every interactive element (images, ratings, shipping details, color selection, etc.), as highlighted in blue here:

Furthermore, Convizit automatically captures all the relevant on-page context of each click, so that your teams will be able to analyze every action in a much more meaningful way, across any number of dimensions.

After all, the contextual elements visible on a webpage have a major impact on customer behavior; only by analyzing user activity containing this rich context data can you fully understand customer journeys on your website. For example, details like customer ratings, “editor’s choice”, stock levels and availability of particular sizes/options can have a huge impact on how customers make decisions while on a website.

Convizit enriches every click on every element in this page area with details of all the surrounding on-page elements. Because user actions don’t happen in a vacuum, it is critical to analyze user behavior in the context of everything the user sees. Convizit’s AI uses intelligent, context-sensitive webpage analysis that mimics how humans see webpages to enrich the record of every user action with all the context details that may affect user behavior.

Continuing the same example, Convizit records all of the items highlighted in pink and associates them with any user action performed in this area of the page:

So, for example, when a user clicks Add to Cart (or any other interactive element here), the event data for that action will include all of the following details, already pre-named, pre-structured and ready for analysis:​

Having this context data available for every click will revolutionize your team’s ability to deeply understand user behavior and find ways to improve customer experience, engagement and conversation rates! And you never need to select, tag, code or name anything in order to receive this rich event data; Convizit automatically captures every single click and all associated context, with absolutely no effort or ongoing maintenance on your part, no matter how often your website changes.