Convizit’s AI captures and tags every user interaction on a website, providing you with complete behavioral data, automatically.

Instant deployment,
zero maintenance

Once the Convizit snippet is in place on a website, there’s absolutely no configuration, pixels or manual event setup required, no matter how often the site changes.

Based on powerful
AI technology

Convizit autonomously understands the context of every user action, and generates a continuous data stream that is already named, tagged and structured.

Complete behavioral data, ready for action

Receive the ready-for-use data stream directly to your data warehouse or via API, dramatically enhancing your data science, BI and personalization initiatives.

Effortless Website User Activity Data

Convizit sends you ready-to-use, already tagged and structured visitor activity data, with no need to manually select, define, code or tag specific events.

User actions inside a page:

Clicked a button or other element (e.g., watch a video, download, subscribe to newsletter, proceed to next step of a multi-step process)

Opened a pop-up window (e.g., social share, view product details)

Form field activity (e.g., entered text, clicked checkbox/radio button)

Shopping cart activity (e.g., add item, remove item) without the need for integration with an e-shop platform or for websites not using a standard e-shop platform

Includes all user actions in single-page Web applications (i.e., when conventional pageview tracking is not available)

Scrolled down a page to a particular depth

Plus, conventional activity/visitor data:

Session start, end, duration

Visitor ID linked to actual customer ID for registered/signed-in visitors

Pageviews, including time spent per page

Visitor data (e.g., referring page/campaign for current and all previous visits, number of visits, dates/times of previous visits, IP-based geographic location, device type, OS, browser, screen resolution)

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